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If you don’t want to spend the first hours of a snowy morning chipping ice off your windshield, you may want to invest in a windshield cover. Some reports are predicting a wet winter, but the Magnetic Windshield Cover firmly attaches to most cars and could save you time and frustration in the morning. Plus, it’s on sale for 78% off. Vinyl Seat Covers

Save over 80% on this magnetic windshield cover for your car

Icy roads make it hard enough to drive in the winter. There’s no reason to add frosty windshields and caked-on snow to the mix. The Magnetic Windshield cover may help protect your car from the elements all year round. Just lay all 55 inches of the cover across your windshield. The strong magnets will attach to the hood of your car. Then tuck the side flaps into your doors.

Don’t forget to use the mirror covers. The door flaps and strong magnets also keep it from getting blown away or stolen. As one reviewer writes, “The shield is heavy enough that it will stay on the windshield along with using the wipers to hold it down at the bottom.”

Once in place, this windshield cover could save you time and frustration on those snowy mornings. Clearing snow is as easy as removing your windshield cover, and you don’t have to worry about scratching your windshield or hurting your wipers scraping ice. That’s exactly what one reviewer did: “Had to park outside for a month during freezing & snowy/rainy weather. Could just start the car, remove this cover, shake it out, and drive into work.” That also means you can spend those first few minutes before your commute in comfort while your car warms up.

Clearing snow off your car doesn’t have to drive you crazy this winter. Get the Magnetic Windshield Cover for $14.99 (reg. $69).

Save over 80% on this magnetic windshield cover for your car

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