Compared to conventional abrasives, it offers greater cutting performance and a longer useful life, since they do not have to be changed so continuously by the sheet metal and paint operator.

Zaphiro launches new ceramic discs, thus expanding its catalog of abrasives for the body shop and paint shop.This ceramic abrasive disc does not need to be changed by the operator in such a continuous way thanks to its higher cutting performance, translating this into double savings, both economical in material and time. RESIN BONDED ABRASIVE WHEELS For Stainless Steel/INOX High Speed Cutting Wheel

Zaphiro expands its catalog of abrasives with the launch of ceramic discs

In addition, it offers a high and fast cutting speed when sanding materials such as primers, paint or composites.They are also suitable for ceramic varnishes and highly hard products.

In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, they allow the Velcro of the plates to last longer as the operator does not have to change the abrasive discs so frequently.Finally, as they are abrasive discs with a paper backing, they offer the option of working by hand with less clogging.

With the addition to its catalog of the new ceramic abrasive disc, Zaphiro renews its commitment to productivity and efficiency in the workshop.The new product is now available exclusively through the ZAPHIRO dealer network.

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Zaphiro expands its catalog of abrasives with the launch of ceramic discs

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