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A British mom has revealed her genius use of Amazon packaging for holiday wrapping, with social media users proclaiming the hack a Claus for celebration. Brown Paper Sack

I found a way to never buy wrapping paper — people love my holiday hack

Artist Josephine Elsmore, 42, noticed that Amazon packages are stuffed with brown paper — which she knew would come in handy for the holiday season.

Elsmore turned the drab, throwaway sheets into festive wrapping paper with a Sharpie and some red string.

“As an artist, I have an abundance of art materials and had a couple of white gel pens, which work really well for drawing details on the paper,” Elsmore told Jam Press.

“I have also seen people make stamps and print patterns on with paint, which would be a great activity to do with the kids.”

Elsmore presented the finished looks on Facebook in a post that delivered 6,700 likes. Other social media enthusiasts shared their own gift glow-ups.

“I have done this for ages. One year I drew little cars with Christmas trees on a roof rack with felt tips. I do all I can to save,” one person cheered.

Another revealed: “Love presents wrapped in brown paper and a bit of greenery. Look so lovely. Did my two sisters’ [gifts] like that. They loved them.”

“Great recycling idea. Any pieces that are creased can be ironed!” someone else celebrated.

However, some Grinches warned Amazon’s packaging may smell slightly unpleasant.

One person groused: “Every time I get a package from Amazon the paper smells like sweaty bum hole. I bet these smell lovely.”

“Great idea, but most of the packing paper I seem to get smells like sick! Lol,” griped someone else.

But for Elsmore, the brown paper saves her green and allows her creativity to shine.

“It’s very easy to do. You can decorate the paper before you use it, or like I have done, draw the decorations on after the ribbon is on,” she raved.

I found a way to never buy wrapping paper — people love my holiday hack

Paper Bag Dimensions “If you want to make it more environmentally friendly you can use string instead of ribbon.”