The title of this video does not really cover its main goal and may frustrate some expectations. You may see it and think it is possible to double your EV charging speed at home with a wall charger or even at a regular outlet. But the review Teslanomics performs has nothing to do with that. It has to do with obtaining a proper 220V power supply. With the help of a Quick 220 Systems Voltage Converter.

The question the video tries to answer is: does it work? And this is an answer the title already delivers, so the interesting aspect is finding out what it takes to get there and if it is worth the effort. Power Converter Box

This Device "Doubles Your Charging Speed" By Duplicating Voltage

We have visited the company’s website for its voltage converters – there are three different options to choose – and this is the description they give for them: 

“We offer a variety of 220 and 240 voltage converter packages for different applications that can deliver up to 20 amperes or a total of 4800 watts from your existing 110-120 volt standard outlets. No longer do you need to search for an accessible 220-volt outlet when traveling with your electric vehicle charger or portable professional equipment or pay an electrician hundreds or thousands of dollars to have one professionally installed in your home. Now, you can have 220-volt power when and where you want it and without costly permanent installations.”

After you watch the video, you will probably think Quick 220 Systems Voltage Converter may come in handy in case you travel a lot and not always finds chargers along the way. But we seriously doubt you will even consider not calling an electrician take care of business in case you do not have a 220V outlet at home. Unless you really can't afford that or do it yourself.

Check the video and you will understand why, but the picture above gives a fairly good idea on why we believe that. Do you agree? Or that is something you can live with on a day to day basis? Share your ideas with us below.

This Device "Doubles Your Charging Speed" By Duplicating Voltage

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