By India Today Web Desk: The exam conducting body, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), scheduled the Class 10 Science board exam on March 4, 2023. With just a few days left for the examination, students need proper guidance and preparation strategy to excel in Physics.

Although the syllabus is very vast, a disciplined study routine will result in steady preparation a month or two prior to the finals and students can get enough time for revisions and further make themselves ready by practicing previous years' papers and practice samples. Magnet Patents

CBSE Class 10 Physics board exam 2023: Topic-wise tips to ace your board exam  - India Today

Here are some topics, chapters, scoring guidelines, and strategies for the physics CBSE finals so you can ace the boards.

Formula-based and conceptual questions are most likely to be asked in the exam. So, a thorough understanding and practical implementation of formulas are vital. A few important topics to practice numerical-based questions include Series and Parallel of resistance, Snell's Law, and the Mirror and lens formula.

Ray diagrams of spherical mirrors and lenses

Numerical of mirrors and lenses involving magnification.

Human eye defects and corrections with causes

Ray diagram of glass slab and prism

A basic definition of current, p.d, resistance, resistivity and factors, series & parallel combination ( Numerical)

Ohm's Law and graph

Power and electric energy (Numerical)

Magnetic field & lines in straight wire, circular coil, solenoid, and factors on which it depends.

Force on the current carrying conductor in the magnetic field, Flemming's left-hand rule.

Alternating current, direct current, and advantages.

Characteristics of domestic electric circuits

Practice diagrams like lines of the magnetic field around a solenoid and a bar magnet, electric circuit diagram, AC and DC generator, image formation by lenses and mirrors, the human eye, glass prism, and image formation for both defective and correct vision.

To get familiar with the types of numerical and theoretical questions that are asked, it is preferred to practice and solve previous year's question papers along with model test papers.

Tips by: Sapna Charha, Headmistress, Modern Public School, Shalimar Bagh.

CBSE Class 10 Physics board exam 2023: Topic-wise tips to ace your board exam  - India Today

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