Composite decking is one of the most environmentally friendly decking products available. It is made up of a combination of recycled wood and plastic. Experts explain why it could be the best choice for any outdoor space.

SYDNEY, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to family-owned South Australian company, Softwoods, which specializes in residential outdoor building projects including decks and pergolas, there is a wide array of different types of decking to choose from and it can be tricky to know which one is the right choice. Here, Softwoods explains what composite decking is and why it could be the right choice for any outdoor space. Ceilings

Composite Decking is a Sustainable, Long-Lasting and Economical Choice

Softwoods explains that wood composite is made up of a mixture of sustainably sourced recycled plastics, bonding agents and wood fibers; this makes it an extremely sustainable and ethical material, but also ensures that the decking boards are durable and long-lasting. The boards are made by heating all the elements together, molding them, and then allowing them to cool.

Although composite decking isn't made of pure wood, Softwoods assures homeowners that it will have a similar look and feel to classic timber. However, it gives timber a run for its money when it comes to splinters, slip resistance and durability. The hard-wearing qualities of composite decking make it low maintenance, no matter the season, plus it will retain its beautiful appearance for years to come.

Many homeowners opt for composite decking because of its extended warranty, says Softwoods. Its durable nature means manufacturers are often willing to cover it with a warranty for years - sometimes decades - longer than they are for wood decking.

Overall, Softwoods reports, composite decking is the superior choice for durability and sustainability without having to compromise on any aesthetic qualities. For more information about composite decking or to get started on an outdoor building project, contact Softwoods today.

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Composite Decking is a Sustainable, Long-Lasting and Economical Choice

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