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Lint is like kindling for a fire. Homes can light up in flames fast, all because of your clothes dryer. The National Fire Protection Association says 13,820 home fires are caused by dryers every year. Insulated Flexible Air Duct

Rossen Reports: You need this ‘bizarre’ device to stop dryer fires

About 27% of these fires are caused by an accumulation of lint. You might be thinking, "Well, that can’t happen to my house because I clean the lint trap out every time I do a load of laundry." Guess what? That’s not going to do the entire job of keeping your home safe. The dryer vents need to be cleaned out as well.

WATCH VIDEO ABOVE: We went door-to-door with a seasoned firefighter asking homeowners if we can clean out their dryer vents. We were shocked at how much dangerous lint we found. You can watch Deputy Chief Rob Reardon from the Duxbury Fire Department in action, showing us how fast and easy it is to clean out the vents. You need to watch this story to save your home and family.

What tool do you need to get the job done?

Warning signs it needs to be done:

Rossen Reports: You need this ‘bizarre’ device to stop dryer fires

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